Is There Room for Small Venders in the Cloud Market?

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Cloud computing is widely expected to be the future of software technology. Industry leaders like Amazon, Microsoft, and BMI are currently dumping truckloads of investment dollars into the cloud market. While it’s already a thriving market, the often steep cost of entry is keeping a lot of small businesses out of the game.

Breaking down entry barriers

At Datamark Systems, we pride ourselves on producing real solutions for businesses. That’s why we created Datamark Live, an affordable cloud hosting service, allowing software venders to run their products in a web browser instantaneously. To learn more (or to recieve a free demo of your software running on the cloud), please take approximately 45 seconds to fill out our contact form or reach out to me directly.

What’s the Big Fuss About With Cloud Computing?


Everyone from businesses with under 10 employees to the U.S. Department of Defense are throwing their hat into the cloud computing ring. While cloud based software is now a more prevalent technology than ever before, its true potential is lost on many people within affected industries. To understand what the big fuss is about, one must first understand that cloud technology has two basic possible uses, depending on company needs. These may be broken down as internal and external.

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Is Not Being on the Cloud Costing You?

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According to Dell’s Global Technology Adoption Index, companies deploying cloud and big data technology are experiencing 53% higher revenue growth rates than those that aren’t.1 Despite this, many companies are still holding back on cloud development. The steep cost of migration to cloud is of course the tallest barrier here. Corporations with older software solutions are looking at having to completely rebuild their applications to be cloud compatible.

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